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August 12th, 2014

Since we have been on Facebook since last year, May’s Blog has been discontinued.  You’ll get all the news on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ThePreshalTrust

Well Settled In!

October 29th, 2013

We have been in our new building since August and although everyone says “the new building” it is now our home and we are very comfortable in it.  There are lots and lots of people coming in every day and we have ordered new chairs for the hall to cope with the numbers having lunch!

We are now running IT classes, digital photography and sewing classes from our multi-purpose room which was kitted out by the ASDA Foundation.  We are very lucky to have a great relationship with our local ASDA store and their community worker, Wilma, is often in giving us support.

We also have room to help other groups in the area and have a small addiction support group meeting on a Thursday morning.  It is great to be able to help others and make links in the community.

We are having an open week from Monday, 25th to Friday, 29th November 2013 between 10am and 2pm so if you can come along and see us and have a look round our new building you would be very welcome.

Exciting News

August 23rd, 2013

The Preshal Fellowship met in our NEW PREMISES at Aboukir Street on Sunday (18th) when we had a great time of fellowship and sharing and Rev. Graham Clark gave an inspiring short meditation. We plan to be fully open very shortly. Watch this space! – and, meantime, rejoice with us and give thanks to God for our brilliant new premises and what He is going to do there.

A Preview

July 19th, 2013

Here are some photographs of our spanking new premises.

Another View from the outside

Another View from the outside

Main Hall
The Main Hall

May in Reception

May in Reception

Computer Room with security CCTV

Computer Room with security CCTV





Almost there!

July 10th, 2013

We have made excellent progress with the new premises and are hoping to have the keys handed over any day now.  Watch this space!

Meanwhile, we have been busy and I had a remarkable experience. Brian Soutar invited me to speak at a big meeting he had with all the ‘high heid yins’ of the many businesses he has investments in.  It was in Venice and it was marvellous.  There were about 150 folk there.  We stayed at the Hilton Hotel and we started with the Masked Ball at Doges Palace (with a five course dinner!)  The following day I had to speak at the end of the meeting when all the  important people gave reports about their businesses.  Steve Chalk spoke and someone from Christians against Poverty – and then I had to speak.  I had a ‘Powerpoint’ presentation – imagine me trying to use  that but I just asked Brian Soutar to help me out and it went down well.  That night we had a variety show with lots of turns Brian Soutar had flown in – Red Hot Chilli Pipers and the like.  To my surprise the Compère, who had been at my talk, shouted out ‘Where is May Nicholson?  She had us laughing and she had us crying this morning.  It was inspirational. I am going to come down from the stage and give her a big kiss’  ’No, yer no’ , I says, ‘it is so long since I’ve had a kiss that I’ve forgotten how to hold my mouth’ – and then I says ‘But I can give you a Govan kiss’ showing them a head butt!  Quite an experience for me – and I am hoping some of the contacts I made will help Preshal.

In actual fact, I might never have been to Venice for I have not gone on a plane for 30 years as I had a frightening experience when going to help in Romania 30 years ago.  I went to the doctor to get something to help me get over my nerves and he gave me some Valium but the night before I had to fly God said to me ‘May, I saw you through cancer and getting off the drink, trust me to get you through this’  I threw the Valium down the toilet and flew the next day no bother.  It says in the Bible that ‘Perfect love casts out fear’ and Jesus’s love for you and me is perfect.

Before going to Venice, a group of us had a marvellous week in Ireland with Tommy Kelly.  We stayed in a youth hostel and had both an inspiring and crazy time.  On the last night we ‘girls’ got our own back on the men for covering us with shaving foam last year – we caught them this year.  Seriously, though, we had lovely times of worship and one of the men, who made a decision for Christ 2-3 years back, in Ireland, was baptised when we were there this year.

And now we are looking forward to getting into the new Preshal Trust building.  It is looking great and we believe God is going to do great things there.  Watch this space!

Our New Premises

May 2nd, 2013

Here are a few photographs to prove that building has begun.New Build with Windows New Build Sign Aboukir St New 1

It has been a terrible time!

February 15th, 2013

You will see from the front page of the website that we have had a dreadful time at the temporary premises we had found at Vicarfield Road.  We had so many break-ins and so much damage done that we had to close for over a month.  Now we have been offered temporary accommodation at Shieldhall & Drumoyne United Free Church and move in there on Monday (17th Feb.)  We are most grateful to the church for this kind offer and would ask you to pray that we can get settled in without too much trouble.

At Aboukir Street, our new building work has started and the existing building has now been demolished   There is lots of activity on the site with containers in place for the workmen and ground works taking shape.  It will be autumn time before we will be able to move in but time moves along so fast that it will not be long in coming round.  Do pray that the work will progress without any interruptions  and that we can get in when planned.  I’ll try to put some pictures on this blog soon.


Settled in Temporary Premises – at last

November 1st, 2012

Here we are all settled in our temporary place at Vicarfield Street, but it hasn’t been an easy road. God has a habit of testing us in ways we don’t expect but he is also a God of surprises.

Preshal family outside Aboukir St. premises

When planning our move away from Aboukir Street to let the building be pulled down, we thought we had a place settled to move to. As it turned out we would not have been able to do all our activities there and would have had problems with getting into the accommodation at night and weekends for our fellowship and youth clubs.
A chance conversation with a lady in my Church has ended with us being in an old nursery school at Vicarfield Street which meets all our needs and is perfect for our disabled friends as it is all on one level.

Last Fellowship evening at Aboukir St.

We had to be out of our premises with only one week of notice and really had no where to go. We have an outstanding team of staff who worked really hard to make sure everything was packed up and cleared out of Aboukir Street.

Andy getting physical at Aboukir St.

Hard at work flitting!

We even did the filtting ourselves with a hired van to save money. We were moved in and ready for action quickly but had to wait a bit longer for the necessary health and safety checks etc. It is just like home here now and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming to all – just what Preshal is about.

Our Vicarfield St. Temporary Premises

We can do all our usual activities although it is a bit smaller so it will be cosy for the winter. Our administrator Val is delighted as she has moved from a ships container to an office with 3 windows!!! and heaters – luxury indeed. Our kitchen staff are not so pleased as they have a mini kitchen and are working with 2 small cookers to provide a hot lunch 3 times a week so they are roasting.
The guys are over the moon at Vicarfield Street as they have a space to set up their recording studio and have been working on a Christian CD writing their own songs. We have also started a singing group which we will use when we are out sharing God’s love with others.
We would like to put out an appeal for anyone who is gifted and can help us on a volunteer basis to deliver activities to our clients for a couple of hours each week.
We have also started a Leroc class which is a lively dance class to keep fit and lift the spirits. I am even having a bash at it myself to keep the pounds at bay. My version of The Slosh has to be seen to be believed.  You can feel free to come and join in on a Wednesday morning. It is a great thing to do on a dull winter’s morning with lots of laughter and as we all know, laughter is the best medicine.
Our lunch club is now running three days a week to cope with demand and this is probably a sign of the times. With the winter coming in fast, we have decided to run the third club on a Friday lunch time to tide those who need it most over the weekend.
I am just back from Inverness, Brora, Balintore and Rosskean and what a wonderful time we had sharing the Gospel. I am off to Stornoway on the 9th of November for about a week doing various meetings and a couple of radio programmes so please pray for opportunities and for the radio programmes, as this is a great opportunity to reach many people.
Many churches have been in touch with us to donate their harvest goods and offerings and this has been just fantastic. I would like to say a big, big thank you to all who have supported us in this way. It makes such a difference when we don’t have to buy tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits as this lowers our day to day running costs. You can just imagine how much tea and coffee we go through and those with addiction have a very sweet tooth so we are always filling up the sugar bowl.
As you know we have been busy over the past few years raising money for our capital appeal and people who have so generously donated to this will now see a new building rise from the dust once it settles in Aboukir Street. We need to keep our eye on what is important though and that is the people who come in each day. We are constantly raising money to keep our centre open for everyone but this has become harder due to both our capital appeal and the state of our economy. Everyone is feeling the pinch and we too are tightening our belts and saving where we can, so you can be sure that every penny you donate goes to those in need.
We are coming round to that time of year again as Christmas approaches. This is a very hard and difficult time for many of our folks and their families and we give out all the toys, selection boxes and groceries that we receive from our supporters. We do this so that those in need can give their families a special Christmas without going to money lenders and getting into debt. For many this is the only way they can borrow money and it sees them paying back huge interest so that they are saddled with these loans for such a long time. Here at Preshal we do our best to discourage this by helping everyone have a family Christmas with food, presents and we let them know that although gifts are nice to have, the greatest gift of all is God’s love.

Concert by group from East Renfrewshire Schools

May 17th, 2012

On Wednesday 18th April 2012 a group of young people from East Renfrewshire Schools got together to raise money for Preshal and share their musical talents. They organised a concert hosted by Greenbank Church in Clarkston  featuring these musical youngsters on a variety of instruments including Church Organ, French horn, Clarinet, Trumpet and much more. There were over 100 people at the concert and it raised a whopping £687 for The Preshal Trust. We would like to say a huge thank you to Luke, Andrew, Cameron, Chloe, Richard, Mark, Emily, Nicholas, Stuart, Christopher, Andrew and Hannah for sharing their time and music.


Speaking Engagements

May 17th, 2012

I have been busy as normal up and down the country speaking. They are far too many to mention. However I thank everyone who supports the work of Preshal.

Here are just a few:

The Congregational Church Women’s Rally made us their yearly project and as such I have got to know the ladies and I must say what a bunch of hard working wonderful servants of the Lord they are.  A big thank you for your kind donation of £2,277.00. God Bless You All in your service for Him.

I am just back from Stornoway and I am blown away with the support that we get from so many people in Stornoway. The High Church of Scotland had a lunch day to raise funds for Preshal which Chris Martin had organised. Again and again I see the tremendous hard work that the women do in the Church. The lunch day was full to capacity and with a lot of chatter in the background.

When we have our intergenerational week to break down the barriers between our young people and adults, the High Church supplies home baking, three course Sunday lunch and a lot of additional support from individuals in the congregation.

We will be returning to Scaladale on the 2nd August with our Early Intervention group and our adults. Watch this space and, if you’re near, drop in and see us. The kettle is always on the boil.

I must say we have a wonderful friend who is closer than a brother, Yes Donald Martin, you know it’s you. Donald and his family are always working tirelessly on our behalf. Keep up the good work. Ps get that café opened to feed our lot. They are looking forward to dining out in style.