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I’ve been awfully busy!

Monday, April 5th, 2010

It’s almost three months since I last wrote anything.  My excuse is that I have been awfully busy!

Did you see the reports in the papers about Alec Ferguson’s visit to us on 1st February.  You can see him on the internet on STV!  You’ll know that he is helping us with our plans for a new building.

I had sad news at the end of February – my pal Isobelle went to her eternal home on 20th February.  She is at rest but pray for her husband Oliver.

At the end of last month Drymen Church had a fund-raiser for the Trust and then we went out there to do their Good Friday service.  They had us there last year and wanted us back.  I was also out at Milngavie to speak at their Holy Week services.  The preacher all week was Willie Black, from Stornoway High Church.  That church has been a great supporter of the Trust.  Willie is a great preacher.  What I like is that he keeps it nice and simple.  You can hear all his sermons when they come on the web

I was awfully tired at the beginning of March but managed to get a wee holiday in Letterkenny on a cheap bus tour with some of the folks.  That was good – and we managed to pay a wee visit to Tommy Kelly at the Bogside for his Sunday service.  I was only sorry we could not take other folk from the coach with us but Tommy came to collect us.

You’ll remember Tommy Kelly from the Bogside who was over here at the start of the year.  Do you know, he bought a new wee lamp for his house and it was faulty and caused a terrible fire.  Thank God that nobody was hurt but there was an awful lot of damage – and, do you know, the Preshal folk had a wee fundraiser and got quite  a lot of money to send to Tommy.  Is that no good and what Jesus would want us to do?

Another bit of good news.  Our caravan was on its last legs - but with the site owners being generous in what they gave us for the old caravan and a big gift from Drymen Church, we have a smashing new caravan, with TWO toilets and plenty of room.  We used to be able to let about 90 families have a wee holiday with the old one but we’ll be able to give many more a wee holiday with this one.  God is good, is he no?