Our History

Our History

The Preshal Trust

The Preshal Trust was born out of a vision by May Nicholson to reach people in Glasgow who had no hope and no future just like May’s life had been. May Nicholson and MacIain Service were the founders of the project.

The Trust

Our History

May started the project by asking a local minister for the use of his church hall. She brought a kettle and a toaster in from the house and gave out tea and toast to the homeless, people with addictions and to those who were socially excluded. The project offered various diversionary activities including arts and crafts, cooking, line dancing, computing and literacy.

After a year in the church hall we felt that it was time to seek out our own premises and were fortunate to be able to rent out the Disabled Drivers building which had formerly been the Nazarene Church.

We continued to rent out the Disabled Drivers building and after a few years the property was put on the open market. The project had no savings and needed a deposit of £50,000 in order to secure the premises.

Through prayer (and May making a few phone-calls) we managed to secure the £50,000 deposit and for the first time had a building to call our own.

Over the next two years we raised the money to pay the remaining balance and the project continued to expand and grow so much so that after a few years it became apparent that we needed a fit for purpose building.

This has made an amazing difference to all the activities that are on offer and expand on what we can provide.

We can now have our cooking classes in our amazing new training kitchen funded by the Robertson Trust. We have a quiet room funded by Laurie Shanks, who was the first person to donate to our new building, where our literacy classes can be conducted in peace and quiet.

The Asda Foundation funded our multi- purpose room where we offer courses on IT, Digital Photography, Sound Engineering, etc.

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