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I thought I would post this up to let everyone know roughly what’s on offer in Preshal ⭐️ on a weekly basis 👍

Everyday to start our day we have breakfast 🧇, it’s usually toast 🍞 and tea 🫖 or coffee ☕️ and its on from 9am-11am and its free of charge 🎉

On a Wednesday from 9am-10.30am we have a cooked breakfast🍳 , this consists of 5 items mainly sausage, egg 🥚 bacon 🥓 potato scone and beans 🫘 . This comes with a round of toast 🍞 and a cup of tea 🫖 or coffee ☕️ and costs £1.

Our Monday is for our over 60s, we have breakfast, sewing 🪡 ,line dancing 💃 , lunch 🥘 and bingo. So if your over 60 get along for some good music 🎵 , dancing 🕺 food and fun 🤩 . We are open 9am-4pm.

We have arts 🎨 and craft 🧵 classes on through out the week.

We change the theme of these classes based on what the season is, for example we are just about to start our Christmas 🎄 theme. I would say keep an eye on our social media posts for further updates on what’s on each specific day 😊 , all our arts and craft classes are free of charge 🎉

We have bingo on twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm in the afternoon. We play for a variety of prizes like gift sets 🎁 , food 🛍️ , chocolate 🍫 and sweets 🍬 (we don’t play for money) we charge £1 for a book with 6 pages in it so plenty of chances to win 🏆

We have our sewing 🪡 group on a Monday morning, our sewing 🧵 group work on a variety of things like Quilting, table cloths, blankets for babies 👶, all sorts of practical things even taking up garments. Our sewing class is on from 10am-12pm and is free of charge 🎉

Cooking 🧑‍🍳 classes are very popular here in Preshal ⭐️ , we teach how to cook 🧑‍🍳 wholesome nutritious food 🥘 from scratch. We cook a variety of dishes from Italian 🇮🇹 food, Chinese 🇨🇳 food, European 🇪🇺 food and Indian 🇮🇳 food. An example of some of the dishes are, curries, pizzas 🍕 , fish 🎣 dishes, pies, homemade burgers 🍔 , quiche, chillies and bolognaise 🍝 to name a few. Our cooking 🧑‍🍳 classes are on Wednesday and Friday afternoon 12.30pm-3pm free of charge 🎉

We have a baking👩‍🍳 class on a Friday Morning, we bake a variety of things from scones, chocolate cakes 🍰 lemon loafs 🍞, cupcakes🧁 plus much more. Our class runs from 10am-12pm and is free of charge 🎉

We have a walking/digital photography 📸 group, who go out into the community and take photos 📷 . Every week the theme changes as to what they are focusing on. Our digital photography class is on a Tuesday morning from 10.30am-11.30am. Free of charge 🎉

Guitar 🎸 lessons are on a Friday morning, we work on a variety of techniques and chord progressions, from the very basics to more advance. Lessons start from 9.30am -12pm and are on a 1-1 basis. Phone or pop in to Preshal for availability. Guitar lessons are free of charge 🎉

We have daily pool 🎱 and dominoes on offer as well as an assortment of board games ♟️ . We run quizzes and competitions etc too much to list.

This is just a flavour of some of our activities. I have missed out lots of others to keep this post reasonable short 🙈😂

We have people from all walks of life that attend Preshal ⭐️ . We work with people with addictions, mental health, physical disabilities and those who are social lonely, living in our our community here in Linthouse/ Govan (and further afield) ❤️

If you need someone to talk 🗣️ to or to just get out the house 🏠 then come along and speak 📣 to our staff. We are always happy 😊 to help where we can.

Please feel free to pop in anytime to see 👀 us and say hello 👋 , we love to meet new people and welcome you to Preshal ⭐️❤️.

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